Mandatory Education

Project team

Lynda Hilliard (Co-Chair)
Deputy Compliance Officer and Campus Ethics & Compliance Officer
UC Office of the President

Shane White (Co-Chair)
Professor of Dentistry
School of Dentistry

William Parker
Professor and Department Chair, Physics & Astronomy
School of Physical Sciences
UC Irvine

J. Daniel Hare
Professor of Entomology
UC Riverside

Esther Cheung Hill
Director of Benefits Information Systems, Human Resources
UC Office of the President

Christopher Simon
Director, HR Compliance
UC Office of the President

Erike Young
Director, Environmental Health & Safety
UC Office of the President

Kathleen Quenneville
Principal Counsel, Governance and Compliance
Office of the General Counsel of the Regents

Wendi Delmendo
Chief Compliance Officer — General Campus
UC Davis

Quentin Williams
Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences
UC Santa Cruz