University Controlled Insurance Program

September 2015 UCIP News and Updates

The newest UCIP project to compliment the others at the UCLA campus is the Wasserman Football Performance Center, which broke ground earlier this month. The new, LEED® Gold certified, 72,000 square foot building would comprise of three levels and a basement. It would accommodate a weight room, coaches/staff lockers, and public lobby on the ground level; a cardio and stretching room on a mezzanine level; stepped auditoria, position training rooms, and player’s lounge on the second level; and offices for coaches, recruiting and administrative staff (and upper portion of an auditorium) on the third level.  The basement will house player’s lockers, an equipment room, and a hydrotherapy/training facility.  A notable design in the construction, the ground level weight room will have a double-height ceiling and open access to the adjacent practice field.

UCLA wasn’t the only campus with a project breaking ground this month. UC San Diego saw the beginning of a new graduate housing facility on its East Campus near the Mesa Housing complex.  This represents one of two projects that will begin in 2015 on UCSD’s grounds.  The building will consist of a minimum of 850 single occupancy apartments for graduate students with over 230 units for faculty and staff.  Parking will also be built up in the form of an above ground parking structure. This housing facility will also feature a bounty of common areas such as lobbies, lounges, and administrative space.

These two projects are anticipated to avoid combined insurance costs between $677,523 and $4,422,718 (estimate) by enrolling into the University Controlled Insurance Program (UCIP).