P200: Strategic Procurement

Commodity Update - Amazon Web Servers

We are pleased to announce that the University of California has executed an Enterprise Customer Agreement with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (“AWS”), which will allow campuses to acquire any of the cloud-based services offered by AWS (http://aws.amazon.com).

With Amazon Web Services, researchers and campus information technology staff will have new models for flexible and scalable cloud computing to support innovative research and efficient administrative computing systems. The services are offered at the standard rates published on Amazon’s Website, and can now be purchased through existing campus processes (e.g., purchase orders).

While the agreement is in place now and can be used immediately, each campus will need to establish a process to notify AWS of accounts that will be covered under the agreement before any services are acquired from AWS. Each campus can do this as they see fit. UC Davis is currently developing a purchasing and notification process and will share that process with the ITLC and Materiel Managers to help other campuses in the coming weeks.

Please work as appropriate with your campus to communicate the Agreement and announce AWS to your end users. For more information, please contact UCOP Commodity Manager, Eric Stevens at (510) 987-0762.