The Working Smarter Initiative wants your suggestions for additional ways that the university can work smarter and reduce costs. Please send your ideas — big or small — to

The Working Smarter Initiative is especially interested in projects that create common administrative frameworks across multiple campuses.  If you think your project has what it takes to live under the Working Smarter umbrella, follow these simple steps to submit a proposal:

1.       Write a 1 to 2 page “case study” describing your project.  Use the existing portfolio project case studies online as a guide.  
          Please briefly summarize the project’s:
            Successes to date (i.e., a pilot or proof of concept);
            Initial or Anticipated Investment;
            Fiscal Results, Current and Anticipated
            Current Action and Next Steps.

2.       Identify a willing Project Owner.

3.       Identify a willing Executive Sponsor.

4.       Email these to

If you would like to talk through an idea before sending it in, please don’t hesitate to contact Cathy O’Sullivan at 510-987-0121 or to discuss further.