UC Tracker


Streamline and automate the financial reporting process, and incorporate methodologies for improved compliance, efficiencies, and transparency. The ultimate goal of UC Tracker is to provide a tool that allows the University to monitor financial controls and reduce the time required to complete the SAS 112/115 process.

News & Updates

  • 11 / 01 / 13

    UC Tracker Update – November 2013

    UC Tracker continues to be deployed at UCSD. New enhancements to the tool have also been deployed. UCSB is also beginning to utilize the tool in the finance department.

  • 04 / 15 / 13

    UC Tracker Update – April 2013

    UC Tracker pilot has been completed at UCSD.  The rollout of Tracker to all UC campuses is currently in process.

  • 05 / 20 / 11

    UC Tracker Participants

    UC Tracker is currently in its pilot phase with five campuses participating.  Future financial savings metrics under development are expected to provide campus-by-campus data on financial control certification. UC Tracker