UC Student Health Insurance Plan


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News & Updates

  • 12 / 20 / 12

    How UC SHIP Works to Protect Our Students

    The UC Regents require registered students to have adequate health insurance, so UC SHIP (UC Student Health Insurance Program) was specially designed to serve our students, to provide an integrated health care program that protects students’ health and financial security. Serious illness or injury can interrupt a student’s path to their educational success; and the cost […]

  • 11 / 28 / 12

    UC SHIP Expands Free Well-Woman Benefits in 2012-13

    Free Federal Drug Administration (FDA)-approved contraception is available to UC SHIP members in 2012/13 as part of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) ruling for no-cost preventive care to curb the impact of serious and chronic disease. The focus of this year’s reforms is an expansion of Women’s Preventive and Wellness Services, comprehensive preventive screening, immunizations, […]

  • 10 / 15 / 12

    UC SHIP: October is National Depression Awareness Month

    Whether experiencing sadness over a romantic breakup, anxiety about school performance, clinical depression or other serious mental illness, UC SHIP (Student Health Insurance Plan) members have access to help. And mental health professionals agree that seeking help promptly is important. Many students confront times when some extra support could help them work through a temporary depression […]

  • 10 / 08 / 12

    UC SHIP: Free Check-ups and Preventive Immunizations on Campus

    The 2012/13 academic year is getting off to a strong start with over 138,000 students enrolled in the University-sponsored student health insurance plan, UC SHIP (Student Health Insurance Plan), a 2% increase over last fall’s enrollment. Launched as a Working Smarter program in 2010, UC SHIP provides a comprehensive benefits package for registered students on […]

  • 07 / 27 / 12

    Students Love UC SHIP {Student Health Insurance Plan}

    A sample of positive feedback from UC Berkeley students about UC SHIP after its first year as a systemwide health care plan for all registered UC students:  “The prices are amazing. Deductibles are low” “The prescription coverage is good and prices are low.”  “Was able to get vaccines that could not afford before.”  “Very efficient […]

  • 06 / 15 / 12

    UC SHIP is a “shining example of what self-funding can accomplish.” – An ACHC Board member commented at the 2012 annual ACHA meeting in Chicago

    UC SHIP Director Heather Pineda and student health representatives Barbara Rabinowitz from UCLA and UC Merced’s Greg Spurgeon gave a presentation at the annual meeting of the American College Health Association (ACHA) in June. Attendees from U.S. colleges and universities expressed admiration for UC’s student health insurance plan as an example of the power of […]

  • 05 / 18 / 12


    Conceived as a Working Smarter Initiative to streamline administration and lower costs, UC SHIP is unique.  It is the largest self-funded student health plan in the US, one health plan for the eleven campuses, including UC Hastings School of Law.  UC SHIP brings eleven campuses together to leverage lower costs by the sheer number of […]

  • 04 / 11 / 12

    Caring for our students

    “(UC SHIP) dental insurance is such a gift to students.  Most undergrads had no insurance and could not afford treatment.  Our clinic population is now 85-90% undergrads.  There is a huge need for dental care on a college campus.”  – UCSB dental clinic staffer       UC SHIP provides affordable, high quality health care […]

  • 03 / 27 / 12

    A Health Plan Students Can Count On

    The successful inaugural year of UC SHIP for graduate students on six University of California campuses in 2010 resulted in the collaboration of all UC campuses to join UC SHIP and cover graduate and undergraduate students for the 2011-12 academic year.  Over 135,000 graduate and undergraduate students now participate in UC SHIP. The plan is […]

  • 05 / 27 / 11

    UC launches student health insurance program

    Students at the University of California will have expanded health insurance benefits and more stability in premium costs this fall under a new, universitywide health insurance plan. The university created the student health insurance plan after concluding it could negotiate lower health care rates and offer a wider array of benefits with the adoption of […]