P200: Strategic Procurement

P200 Projects

Collaborating systemwide to build an integrated, sustainable procurement framework. By developing and utilizing competitive contracts, innovative supply chain strategies and robust reporting and analytics, we will recapture $200 million annually currently lost through sub-optimal purchasing contracts and practices, redirecting these critically needed funds to support UC’s core missions of teaching, research and public service. (Click image to zoom.)

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Procurement Operating Model

Develop organizational models that leverage best practices and expertise across the UC procurement community and foster system wide collaboration and knowledge sharing. This project will deliver organizational change through the redesigning and incorporation of new technology solutions, practices, and procedures to build a robust UC-wide procurement organization.

Spend Analytics

Provide consistent, robust and actionable procurement information accessible to campus and system-wide stakeholders. Utilizing analytic capabilities and providing common infrastructure, data definitions, reporting and analytic tools as an enabler of consistently high levels of descriptive reporting and decision support. This initiative will begin the process of developing data analytics as a core competency of UC Procurement by engaging top analysts at UC locations.

Sourcing Technology

Implement core technologies and infrastructure programs including the SciQuest Solution, which includes specific modules for Supplier Management, Strategic Sourcing and Contract Authoring and Repository.


Strategic Sourcing

Institute category management best-practices to enable improved annual cost savings system-wide from sourcing and procurement programs and to create a best-in-class strategic sourcing practice. Reengineer current sourcing processes and organization with an emphasis to compress cycle time for sourcing activities, conduct more system-wide, regional and local sourcing events, and augment UCOP Procurement Services with more innovative supply chain strategies and specialized category management skills. Align and collaborate with UC subject matter experts to deliver savings by taking advantage of non-traditional sourcing opportunities and developing and implementing strategically sourced agreements. Execute large category sourcing efforts across UC, in a broad set of targeted categories.

Client Benefit Realization

Align UCOP and campus procurement leadership to address needed changes and commitments to ensure that strategically sourced agreements are useful, responsive and actionable by campus procurement. Institute customer focused philosophy and actions to demonstrate continuous improvement to existing agreements, responsiveness to price and commodity changes, partnership with campus clients, and supplier management.