Capital Projects Database


Create an integrated data management system to maximize effectiveness and efficiencies in capital program planning, management, and reporting.  Develop a robust reporting tool to identify valuable metric relationships and discover additional beneficial data associations. Present the data in executive dashboards, monthly reports, and ad hoc queries for best informed business decisions.

News & Updates

  • 02 / 27 / 12

    UC Data Improvement Project Beta Version on the Horizon

    The team is currently vetting the last round of data prior to it being loaded into the beta version.  We have met with campus stakeholders and have received very favorable approval of the new version of the data base. We are looking forward to getting more constructive feedback from the campuses as soon as they receive their […]

  • 10 / 19 / 11

    Database Optimization

    The team is defining the project life-cycle and designing the database structure. Capital Resource Management workgroup is optimizing structure to support both required reporting as well as valuable ad hoc reports. The team is leveraging “as-is” systems and practices and adapting them to the goal operating environment. The consultant will have a prototype for campus […]

  • 06 / 13 / 11

    Managing the data – technical designs

    The team met and discussed the tool, known as TM1, that will be used to manage various datasets.  TM1 is the table management system that quickly loads and indexes large amounts of information across multiple databases. Plans are to develop the tool to also input data thereby eliminating other overlapping task software.

  • 06 / 01 / 11

    Creating a Common Key

    The Capital Resource Management workgroup met with the database expert consulting team and has identified the three most common databases as the foundation for robust integrated data valuable in UC capital project transparency.  Personnel are currently identifying a common key dataset to associate projects and assets across the disparate databases.