Climate Solutions


Achieve carbon neutrality, or zero net emissions of greenhouse gases, as soon as possible. The University of California is committed to achieving carbon neutrality through accelerated energy efficiency and conservation efforts, procurement of carbon-neutral energy, and finding ways to negate emissions from its natural gas-fueled central plants.

News & Updates

  • 01 / 06 / 12

    New report outlines strategies to achieve climate neutrality

    The Climate Solutions Steering Group – a team of campus and system-wide leaders that reports to the Executive Vice President – has released a report outlining strategies for achieving the University’s goal of becoming climate neutral as soon as possible.   The report concludes that proactive investments in carbon abatement projects will allow UC to meet its […]

  • 06 / 02 / 11

    Climate Solutions Status Update

    Wholesale power working group formed UC has formed a wholesale power working group to craft a long-term electricity procurement strategy in support of the University’s climate neutrality commitment. The working group’s ultimate goal is to assemble a portfolio of contracts and/or generation assets that will provide the University with electricity that is more carbon-efficient than […]