Campus Administrative Relief Initiatives


Seek administrative and/or fiscal relief for the University through legislative, regulatory, or UC policy changes to achieve real savings, financial and/or temporal, for the campuses and the system.

News & Updates

  • 10 / 04 / 11

    Regulatory Relief Initiatives

    Here is a summary list of the initiatives submitted for the Regulatory Relief project.  These are currently under review, with the goal being to package a few initiatives into a sponsored legislation proposal this fall.  Others will be pursued, where possible, through different channels, via direct contact with the appropriate state agency, or, in some […]

  • 06 / 30 / 11

    Regulatory Relief

    As an extension of the CARI project, campuses were asked in June 2011 to identify state regulations that overlap with either other state, or federal, regulations.  The goal of the project is to produce a package of regulations to present to the State Legislature for the 2011-12 legislative session that would aim to reduce administrative […]


    Campus Administrative Relief Initiatives

    The Campus Administrative Relief Initiatives (CARI) project team issues first status report.  Updates are provided on all forty initiatives received from the campuses, grouped by the UCOP division or department with oversight for the particular subject area.   CARI