Be Smart About Safety


Invest in loss-prevention and loss-mitigation programs specific to campus and departmental needs. Track results and share them with actuaries and insurance underwriters, thereby reducing cost of risk through decreased insurance premiums and claim payments.

News & Updates

  • 08 / 01 / 13

    Be Smart About Safety – July Update

    IBM met with UC Stakeholders to review and discuss all proposed enhancements around the BSAS Dashboard.  UCOP’s Kevin Confetti, Director of Workers’ Compensation and Employment Pratices, will be working with his risk managers to see if there is a way to categorize the BSAS Programs and to review the proposed changes with his team.

  • 06 / 20 / 13

    Be Smart About Safety – June Update

    IBM has met with Bickmore Risk Services to discuss some possible enhancements to the BSAS Dashboard.  IBM to work with UCOP stakeholders to see if these enhancements would be beneficial for reporting purposes.

  • 04 / 15 / 13

    Testimonials for UCD’s WorkStrong Program – April 2013

    The UC Davis WorkStrong program changed my life! For years I had been telling myself I need to exercise more and eat better. Every New Year I made those same resolutions. But somehow I never got around to it, until I was invited to participate in WorkStrong. With Stacey’s help, I was able to set […]

  • 03 / 12 / 13

    UC WorkStrong Program Testimonials

    Recognizing the value of a systematic, customiz­able approach to overall health, the University introduced the UC WorkStrong program, an oc­cupational wellness initiative designed to promote recovery and prevent future workplace injuries. The program was developed with the expertise and col­laborative support of UC staff in wellness programs, occupational health and recreational sports. The system wide goal […]

  • 01 / 20 / 13

    Shoes for Crews Update – January 2013

    Shoes for Crews was fully implemented July 1, 2011 (FY12) and was mandatory for Food Service employees.  We have expanded the program to custodial staff and other occupations at high risk for slip and falls based upon WC data.  Sedgwick added a special field in the system to track whether employees were wearing the Shoes […]

  • 03 / 08 / 12

    UC WorkStrong Program

    2011 the University of California (UC) implemented a wellness program called WorkStrong in order to mitigate workers’ compensation costs. WorkStrong is specifically designed to help UC employees who have been injured more than once to help them recover from their injuries and prevent injuries from happening again. UC WorkStrong Actuarial Analysis    

  • 01 / 27 / 12

    Waste Caddy

    Communicating with other UC campuses is one of the keys to working smarter.  After being notified of a better process to move heavy trash bins, Orlando Terrazas, Safety Specialist at UCLA,  contacted the UC Irvine campus Ergonomist who set up an in person demonstration of how they use the waste caddy.  This self propelled battery […]

  • 01 / 10 / 12

    Actuarial study reveals that UC’s loss prevention programs are helping us outperform the California Statewide average saving UC $50 million a year!

    Independent actuaries compared the University of California’s (UC) workers’ compensation costs against California statewide averages. Statewide averages in this analysis are based on information from the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau (WCIRB), which is the basis for most insurance company workers’ compensation rates in California. Based on their analysis, it was found that over the […]

  • 12 / 08 / 11

    Shoes for Crews Update

    As of December 1, all locations have implemented the Shoes for Crews program for their Food Service Department employees.  Comparing workers’ compensation data in the ERMIS for these departments from July – Nov 2010 to July – Nov 2011, we are seeing a 50% average reduction in workplace injuries in these departments.  At this time […]

  • 06 / 20 / 11

    Core Plus – Defensive Driver Training Program

    Increase safety, reduce claims, and reduce the Cost of Risk through the implementation of UC’s Core-Plus Defensive Driver Training Program.

  • 05 / 20 / 11

    Be Smart About Safety – Important Statistics

    Overview of savings and reduction of Risk Services programs. Important Statistics


    BSAS 6% Prescription Emmi Program

    Improving documentation of informed consent discussions can assist greatly in the defense of malpractice cases. Improving the communication with the patient, the patient and family understanding of the procedures and the risks and alternatives, and improving patient satisfaction, can also contribute to reducing malpractice costs and can also have additional financial return on investment for […]


    Be Smart About Safety – Slip Buster

    There are very few examples in which you can “buy” safety. The Shoes for Crews slip-resistant shoe program is one of those programs which will have an immediate impact in the reduction of employee slip and falls and ultimately will result in substantial savings to the University. Slip Buster


    BSAS 6% Prescription SurgiCount Program

    Implementation of SurgiCount has helped UCSF improve patient safety and avoid costs related to retained sponges. Implementation of this technology by other University of California medical centers could save malpractice expenses, and other costs including lost staff productivity due to root cause analysis, depositions, and related investigations. SurgiCount