UC Berkeley — Operational Excellence


Operational Excellence is a campuswide program designed to ensure that the excellence of UC Berkeley’s administrative environment matches its research and teaching, and to direct the maximum level of resources to our core mission of teaching, research, and public service. Its aim is to reduce the cost and complexity of administrative operations, creating an environment that allows all members of the campus community to do their best work.


UC Davis — Organizational Excellence


The Organizational Excellence initiative, announced by Chancellor Linda Katehi in February 2010, is a strategic program to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative processes, thereby creating a better future for UC Davis. The Chancellor has recognized that “academic excellence cannot be achieved unless the academic units are supported by an administration that is lean, effective, transparent, service-oriented and innovative.”

UC Irvine — Operational Excellence


UC Irvine’s Operational Excellence efforts focus on increasing efficiencies and eliminating redundancies.  UC Irvine’s Operational Excellence program is guided by budget principles (PDF), and is driving cost savings and other improvements across the enterprise, through a portfolio of initiatives: Administrative Improvements and Cost Savings, Sustainability, Recycling and Reusing, Energy Efficiency, Transportation, Green Buildings & Efficient Construction, Information Technology and Human Resources Redesign.  

UC Los Angeles — Restructuring Initiative


UCLA’s Restructuring Steering Committee is leading a strategic campuswide effort to make academic and administrative operations more efficient, less expensive and less dependent on state support and to generate additional non-state revenue. The overarching goal is to ensure academic excellence and the stability of core functions. Among the many projects under way are initiatives to streamline academic programs, share or consolidate services, conserve energy, take advantage of strategic purchasing and achieve economic efficiencies at every level of operation throughout the university. More than $20 million in potential savings and revenue-generating projects have been identified.


UC Riverside — Working Smart


In support of its Strategic Plan and in response to the unparalleled crisis relating to the California state budget and university-wide funding, the University of California, Riverside is reviewing its various business processes, academic support structures, and organizational paradigms with a vision of promoting Excellence, Effectiveness, and Efficiency in all areas of university operations. The challenge and opportunity is to change how the University operates as a tool to mitigate the impact of budget reductions on the Teaching, Research, and Public Service missions of the University.


UC Santa Barbara — Administrative Systems Program Management Office

The Administrative Systems Program Management Office (PMO) provides leadership for the successful deployment of campus-wide administrative systems and new business processes.

UC San Francisco — Operational Excellence


UCSF is implementing a series of common-sense business initiatives that will generate cost savings and improve organizational effectiveness. The first major initiative began in January 2010 with the formation of the Chancellor’s Administrative and Operating Efficiencies Work Group, which is working to achieve $50 million in savings by the end of fiscal year 2012-2013. In tandem with the work group’s initiative, UCSF is also implementing a growth strategy designed to keep the University on strong financial footing – regardless of economic conditions.