P200: Strategic Procurement

Retirement Announcements

retirementBest of luck to members of our team who will be retiring at the end of June and a big thank you for your service. You will be missed!

Rich Taylor- Director of Procurement Strategies- UCB/UCSF (Will stay on to assist UC Oakland until October), 10 yrs of service

Cindi Deegan- Executive Director, Business Services- UCM, 33 years of service (Retiring in August)

Heidi Worcester, Strategic Analytics, Small Business and Sustainability Manager- UCI, 31 yrs of service

Kathryn Caruso, Buyer II- UCSC, 10 yrs of service

Gayle Irving Dotie, Buyer III- UCLA, 15 yrs of service

Sawanee Stuber- Administrative Assistant, Procurement and Contracts- UCSD, 26.5 yrs of service

Mary Fields, Senior Buyer- UCD, 25 yrs of service

Peter Lee, Buyer – UCSF/B