P200: Strategic Procurement

Newly formed Benefit Audit Committee

Benefits have been entered into Benefit Bank since the online application went live in July 2014. Procurement staff across the system has been diligent at entering benefits into Benefit Bank to capture the value added to the organization and to document our progress toward our annual P200 benefit targets.  Procurement Services has methodology in place to define the types and procedures for the benefits.  Generally, there are no issues with entered benefits, but occasionally, one may test the boundary of whether it fits within the parameters of the defined methodology.  When a situation like this arises, a determination needs to be made whether the benefit can be accepted as submitted, or if it needs further reconsideration to ensure it stays consistent with our approved definitions.

To address this issue, the PLC approved the creation the Benefit Audit Committee.  The Committee consists of five PLC members – Darin Matthews (Santa Cruz), Cindi Deegan (Merced), Jake Godfrey (Santa Barbara), Tim Maguire (Davis) and Bill Cooper (Oakland). If questions arise on particular benefit submissions during the monthly audit period, the Committee is convened to review those submissions. During this meeting, the benefit submitter and approver are invited to share the details of their submission with the Committee who then votes on whether it meets the approved definitions.

Having this new committee in place will improve our process to ensure the validity of all benefits entered into Benefit Bank.

Todd Wirsching

Analytics and Reporting Manager, UC Oakland

The table below outlines the timeline for benefit submission and a timeline for audit and review. Benefit submissions for the prior period are still due within 10 business days, and the audit period for those transactions along with the Audit Committee meeting, takes place during the 5 business days following the close of benefit submission.

Benefits Bank

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