P200: Strategic Procurement

Camp IPPS at UCSD guides staff to new adventures


Camp Counselor Nancy Herbst


Camp Counselor Sali Coleman

With an employee population that has such diverse training needs, providing comprehensive and engaging training events on the UC San Diego campus can sometimes be a challenge. Shuffling from class to class can become tedious and attendees run the risk of hitting a knowledge saturation point.

UC San Diego’s Integrated Procure-to-Pay Solutions (IPPS) recently hosted a training day with the intention of creating an entertaining yet informative event. With a lighthearted theme, Camp IPPS, took on a life of its own. Staff from across campus gathered on March 23rd to learn more about IPPS.

An open ballroom featured booths of the various IPPS units. There was also a tent with a mini “campfire” where attendees could take photos (#campipps). IPPS staff, affectionately known as Camp Counselors, mingled with campus clients (aka Campers), some of whom they had worked with remotely for years but had never met in person. It was also an opportunity for Camp Counselors from the various IPPS units to get to know each other better. Throughout the day, campers enjoyed food, a scavenger hunt, and the opportunity to win prizes. They also could view IPPS application demonstrations in an open computer lab.

Five separate training ‘campgrounds’ featured different themes, including: Camp Travel: Encouraging Curiosity, Camp Buying: Providing Excellence, Camp Technology: Connecting Processes, Camp Paying: Innovative Solutions, and Camp Logistics: Building Trust. These campgrounds offered classes throughout the day on a breadth of topics such as ‘Relay Race the Ins and Outs of Contracting,’ ‘Fishing for Tips and Tricks in Lake Marketplace,’ and ‘Backpacking the Trails of Deliveries and Pickups.’

Campers could attend refresher courses, open Q&A sessions, and informational classes that included highlights of upcoming initiatives. They could pick and choose the classes they wanted to attend or just mingle in the ballroom.

After a long day at camp, Campers and Counselors alike left the event more knowledgeable about IPPS and well-equipped for their next camping trip!


Camper Wella Garcia


Campers in the Ballroom