P200: Strategic Procurement

Campus Spotlight: UC Irvine

Procurement Tools Help with Growing Campus Needsricksphoto

October 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of UC Irvine opening its doors to our students and embarking on the UC mission of teaching, research and public service.   During these five decades our campus has grown to accommodate 28,000 students and more than 10,000 faculty and staff.  This tremendous growth has stretched our financial and procurement systems to the limit.   However, the Materiel & Risk Management team is excited to be part of this dynamic organization and is making many changes to ensure our operations keep pace.

In July 2014, we will implement a new purchasing tool as part of a campus installation of the Kuali Financial System (KFS).  This tool includes our eCommerce portal, UCIBuy, which allows our users to easily shop strategically sourced catalogs in an online environment.  UCIBuy will allow us to achieve greater savings on purchases while integrating with KFS to increase efficiency in the ordering process.  With the addition of these new systems UC Irvine procurement is ready to serve the campus well into the future.

In addition, P200 provides many tools that we are already leveraging in an effort to drive benefits back to our customers.   Spend Radar gives us a much clearer picture of how and where we spend our money across the system.   Supplier Registration and Sourcing allows us to easily manage our requests for proposals and deliver increased savings benefits to our customers.  The strategic agreements being developed by the system-wide Centers of Excellence will further enhance the value that we bring to the table. For instance, procurement was recently asked by our Police Department to assist in the acquisition of supplies and equipment for a system-wide “Special Response Team” that was established to allow multi-campus police responders to easily coordinate activities by utilizing identical training and equipment.  We were able to use our strategic agreement with Grainger to supply many of the required items and get them delivered and distributed across the system at a savings of more than $75,000.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my staff and our many partners for their tireless efforts and dedication to improving the way we do business.   We look forward to our July launch of KFS and UCIBuy and ultimately to the contribution we make in support of the UC mission.

Rick Coulon

Director, Materiel & Risk Management

UC Irvine