UC Recruit

News and updates

  • 01 / 09 / 14

    AP Search to Integrate with Recruit

    Historically, UC Recruit has handled the recruitment process from just after recruitment approval to just before appointment and hire. Developers at UCI are currently working with UC Berkeley and UCLA to add their “AP Search” application into UC Recruit. Once complete, the scope of UC Recruit will include early approvals to open recruitments, perform required […]

  • 07 / 01 / 13

    UC Riverside Production Site Launched

    UC Recruit system-wide application for all 10 UC campuses has successfully reached the significant milestone of all 10 campuses having a production UC Recruit site as of July 1, 2013.

  • 06 / 21 / 13

    Initial Review Date/Open Until Filled Hiring Model Added

    Enhancement allows review dates to be set and moved forward so applicants can be considered by the search committee accordingly. Applicants are aware of upcoming review dates to ensure they submit their materials on time for full consideration. Reports are updated to not include applicants who completed after a review date.

  • 06 / 14 / 13

    Enhanced Applicant Statuses and Tracking

    With the help of subject matter experts at several campuses, Recruit’s categorization of applicant “statuses” are redefined to ensure that they map to UCOP and OFCCP reporting requirements.

  • 03 / 27 / 13

    New feature adds support for OFCCP “Basic Qualifications”

    UC Recruit now provides the necessary tools to facilitate campus compliance with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) Internet Applicant Rules.  These rules require that institutions consider only those applicants who meet defined basic qualifications when determining if the applicant pool is sufficiently diverse.  The “Meets Basic Qualifications” update will be launched to […]

  • 12 / 24 / 12

    UCLA begins to actively use UC Recruit

    Recruitments in the School of Law, Medicine, the School of Arts & Architecture are published and open for applicants. See: https://recruit.apo.ucla.edu/

  • 12 / 04 / 12

    Onboarding UC Santa Barbara

    The UC Recruit team delivers the branded UC Santa Barbara site for demo and QA.

  • 08 / 27 / 12

    Onboarding UCLA

    The UC Recruit team delivers the branded UCLA site for demo and QA.

  • 07 / 23 / 12

    UC Recruit Governance Board Formed to Prioritize Enhancement Projects

    First meeting of the UC Recruit Governance Board, which has been formed to assess and prioritize enhancements, is conducted. This week UC Davis begins to actively use Recruit. Recruitments in Statistics and in East Asian Languages are published and open for applicants.  https://recruit.ucdavis.edu/

  • 07 / 16 / 12

    Project “PDF Bundle” Completed

    Project “PDF bundle” is completed and launched.  Search committee members can now download a PDF bundle containing all applicant files (if file was uploaded as a PDF, otherwise a link is provided to download the non-PDF file).

  • 06 / 20 / 12

    UCSC Prepares for Launch with Train-the-Trainer Session

    UCI conducts an online Recruit training session via ReadyTalk with UC Santa Cruz support staff. UCSC begins to actively use Recruit in early July with published recruitments in the divisions of History and in History & Arts.  https://recruit.ucsc.edu/

  • 05 / 07 / 12

    Recruit in Production at Berkeley

    UC Berkeley begins to actively use Recruit. Recruitments in the Boalt School of Law, College of Natural Resources, and Mechanical Engineering are published and open for applicants.  https://aprecruit.berkeley.edu/

  • 05 / 02 / 12

    System Now Accepts All Academic Title Codes

    Project “Non Senate” is completed and launched. Recruit now accepts all Academic Title Codes for online applicant management. This includes recruitments using title codes for tenured/tenure-track AND for additional non-tenured/other professorial title codes (lecturers, research scientists, etc.).

  • 02 / 06 / 12

    Onboarding UC Davis and UCSF

    The UC Recruit team delivers the branded UC Davis site for demo and QA. By mid-February the UCSF production, training and QA sites become available.

  • 01 / 23 / 12

    Enhanced Reporting Implemented

    Recruit administrators can now download a report of the offers given to applicants in a given academic year to comply with the UCOP Recruitment & Retentions Report.

  • 12 / 06 / 11

    Onboarding Other UCs with Data Feeds, Reporting, and Training

    Data feeds for departments, schools and user roles are updated to allow for greater flexibility in importing data from the other campuses. UCI conducts an online training session via ReadyTalk with UCB support staff and other UC observers. Recruit administrators are able to download a report of the diversity data for shortlisted candidates for UCOP reporting.

  • 11 / 14 / 11

    Onboarding UCSC

    The UC Recruit team delivers the branded UC Santa Cruz site for demo and QA.

  • 10 / 04 / 11

    Onboarding UCB

    The UC Recruit team delivers the branded UC Berkeley site for demo and QA.

  • 09 / 06 / 11

    Preparation Made for Deploying Branding to Tenants

    The theme for Recruit is updated to be more usable, polished and accessible.  Begin migration from CSS to SCSS, which will simplify deploying new tenants and ease the maintenance and expansion of the functionality in UC Recruit.