Statewide Energy Partnership


Identify, qualify, and implement energy efficiency projects systemwide to meet the policy goal of reducing energy use to 2000 levels by 2014, adjusted for growth, in a financially viable manner that results in long-term economic and environmental benefits.

News & Updates

  • 02 / 26 / 13

    UCSF MC Awarded $846,000 from PG&E for Upgrades Completed through Statewide Energy Partnership

    [Note: The following article is reposted, with permission, from a February 19, 2013 story on] Story and Photos By David Kligman, PG&E SAN FRANCISCO — PG&E today (Feb. 19) awarded $846,000 to the University of California, San Francisco, the latest energy efficiency incentives that have become a regular occurrence at one of the world’s leading […]

  • 07 / 06 / 11

    Statewide Energy Partnership contributes $25 million in cost savings for fiscal year 2010-11

    The Statewide Energy Partnership Program (SEP) provides campuses with financing and utility incentives to reduce purchased utility costs through energy efficiency projects. Since the Regents authorized financing in March 2009, the program has reduced campus energy costs by approximately $25 million after debt service.

  • 06 / 22 / 11

    Irvine campus takes full advantage of zero percent project financing.

    The Southern California Gas Company, one of UC’s utility partners, announced today that the Irvine campus qualified for the maximum $1,000,000 zero percent interest loan for an energy efficiency project that will reduce campus natural gas usage by more than 440,000 therms per year.  The Gas Company acknowledged that this is the largest loan by an institutional customer […]

  • 06 / 10 / 11

    UC San Diego delivers again – and in a big way!

    The San Diego campus recently completed 38 lighting conversion projects at a cost of $1,500,000 for which the campus has received a Partnership incentive of $650,000. Thus, the net cost to UC is $850,000 but financed over 15 years the annual debt service will be $82,000. As the lighting conversion projects will reduce energy usage […]

  • 05 / 24 / 11

    Energy Management and the University of California

    UC has won national praise for its 50 LEED-certified facilities, the most of any U.S. university. Many are considered shining examples of the latest in energy-efficient technology. But most UC campus buildings were constructed long before LEED green standards and conservation took hold. Making those more efficient entails doing much more low-profile things — like […]