Research Administration

Project team

The Kuali-Coeus Project Team consists of project coordinators at each of the five campuses engaged in the project, plus Office of the President personnel invovled in designing, coding and implementing the decentralized Sponsor Code Request system that will make the campus-based, Kuali-Coeus systems more efficient.

Campus Coordinators

  • UC Berkeley: Neil Maxwell, Director, Information Systems, Research Administration & Compliance
  • UC San Diego: Jason DeFay, Director, Research Administation Initiatives, Office of Research Affairs
  • UC Merced: Thea Vicari, Director, Sponosred Projects Office, Office of Research
  • UC Irvine: Bruce Morgan, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research, Office of Research
  • UC Davis: Keith Young, Kuali-Coeus Functional Council, Office of Research
  • Office of the President Personnel

  • Charles Drucker, Content Manager, Institutional Research
  • Mike Kusiak, Research Policy Analyst, Office of Research & Graduate Studies
  • Al Course, Manager Decision Support Services, IRC
  • Krishna Mohan, Programmer Analyst, IRC