ProPLD toward the future!

Ever wonder how suggestions to Procurement policy are made and legal templates are vetted? The Procurement Policy and Legal Documents Team (PPLD) is an outgrowth of the 2013 RFx Goods and Services Template working group. As a part of the RFx meetings, members identified inconsistencies between various template documents which spurred the creation of the PPLD team to tackle and address what was out of scope for the RFx team.

The PPLD team’s primary goal is to standardize and simplify Procurement’s legal templates, and ensure they and related tools are up to date with best practices and ever changing legal requirements. The team consults with appropriate stakeholders in this process.  Our secondary goal is crafting the UC templates to be easier for buyers to author and suppliers to understand. The outcome of these efforts provides consistency and reduces the risk for the UC.

Meeting weekly, our team also considers the appropriate method for executing a communications and training plan to establish awareness, understanding, and uniform application systemwide.

Some of the projects the PPLD has rolled out this fiscal year include: implementation and training of Prevailing Wage, Fair Work/Fair Wage, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; and improved standardized revisions to templates and documents including all Agreements, UC Terms and Conditions of Purchase, Appendix DS, Library of Provisions, Statement of Work and the Buyer’s Guide. We also developed process and procedures for reporting Senate Bill 1280. Our project queue includes revisions to: Appendix – Business Associate, Cloud Services Agreement, and Software Agreement.

“I can’t say enough positive things about the PPLD,” comments Principal Counsel Kathleen Quenneville. “They step up to extra work despite busy ‘day jobs,’ and the whole procurement organization benefits. Their nickname should be pronounced ‘propelled’ because they keep moving us forward!”

We encourage and appreciate your feedback. For questions or suggestions, email us at

Laurina Ashby, Procurement, UC San Francisco/ Berkeley

Calli Price, Purchasing and Contracts, UC Santa Barbara

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Pictured from top left to right: Dianne Yoder- Oakland, Strategic Sourcing Associate Director; Laurina Ashby- San Francisco/Berkeley, Procurement Supervisor; David Gee- Riverside, Director of Procurement; Andrea Tung- Oakland, Communication & Training Lead; Second Row: Jason Hall- San Diego, eCOE; Gae Purvis – Riverside, Buyer; Kathleen Quenneville- UCOP, Office of General Counsel; Jon Heinlein, San Diego, Contract Manager; Third Row: Calli Price- Santa Barbara, Purchasing & Contracts Manager; Nikki Vamosi- Santa Cruz, Business Contracts Manager; Nik Neu- Oakland, Business Process and Program Manager; Felix Sarao- Los Angeles, Supervising Buyer; (not pictured) Andrea Cooke- Los Angeles, Buyer