Sponsor's Corner - April 2016

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As an organization that spans multiple locations, it may be easy for us to forget how our group of 230 procurement professionals influences UC Procurement Services on a systemwide level. I have often encountered the misperception that most UC Procurement initiatives are driven by “OP.” There are many examples falling under our “One UC Procurement” approach why such a view is totally inaccurate. Campus Procurement Professionals impact systemwide results in numerous ways, starting with our shared governance model. The Procurement Leadership Council (comprised of CPOs from each campus) provides equal voice from across the system in determining overall UC Procurement priorities.

Campus Procurement Professionals from all locations hold positions on numerous systemwide workgroups. The Procurement Policy and Legal Documents Team vets policy and produces standardized legal templates. The Cloud Working Group creates uniform guidelines for systemwide use. The UC Optimizing Procure-to-Pay workgroup (which you will read about in this newsletter) is building collaboration between Procurement and Disbursements to better leverage technology and create efficiencies and opportunities for standardization.

Campuses have also pioneered activities which have led to systemwide changes. Last year, UCSF implemented innovative data analysis to consolidate the vendors catalog and drive volume to featured suppliers. This practice has been adopted on a systemwide level and resulted in standardizing our content management activities. Another example of campus and systemwide collaboration (which you can also read about in this issue) is the Energy-Efficient Freezer program. This program emphasizes a partnership between Fisher Scientific, UC Sustainability and UC Procurement to promote the purchase of sustainable freezers negotiated at a low-cost price. UC Davis held a promotional event in February paving a marketing example for other campuses to replicate.

Borrowing the motto of the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors, it is this very “Strength in Numbers” operational philosophy that allowed UC Procurement Services to deliver $170 million in benefits in FY14-15, garnering national recognition with awards from within and outside higher education. Well, we have now gone International! I am pleased to announce that the UC Procurement Services P200 Program has been chosen as a finalist for the 2016 World Procurement Awards in the Public Sector category. That we are considered a top contender, and the only USA organization in this highly competitive contest, along with public entities representing six other countries is a testament to the innovation we are driving within our profession on a worldwide scale. It is our collective vision and approach that has garnered us early success with the P200 Program and established a solid platform to propel us into our next phase of program development- Supply Chain Management. We certainly hope to “bring home the gold” from the World Procurement Awards ceremony in London, England on May 18th, but more importantly, understand that each of you under the UC Procurement Services umbrella has contributed to helping us achieve impressive results which will soon stretch beyond P200. Wish us luck!


Bill Cooper

Associate Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer