P200: Strategic Procurement

Meet the members of the Procurement Leadership Council (PLC)


Jacob Godfrey is the PLC representative for the UC Santa Barbara campus. He is the Chief Procurement Officer and Associate Director Business & Financial Services and has been in his position for four years.

Q:   What made you get into Procurement as a career?

A:    Very simple…Procurement is a nexus.  We’re right in the middle of the action.  If you want to make a positive impact on the world, to make education more affordable and sustainable, or to stretch every dollar spent on the break through that saves the world then this is the place to be.

Q:   What do you like most about being a part of the Procurement team at UCSB?

A:    The people – if you think that procurement isn’t a passion then you haven’t experienced what we do.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a campus buyers, business officers, or professional procurement staff; this is a high stakes game of risk and reward and we all get to play a hand. The UC spends over $7B a year on goods and services and that is a huge in terms of our ability to influence and drive change.  HUGE!

Q:   Describe a moment that made you proud to be a part of the PLC?

A:    P200- We all agreed that P200 was a good concept but it took more than a few bullet points on a consultant’s slide to motivate us to leap together and commit to such an audacious and aggressive goal.

Q:   What do you see as the biggest challenge for UC Procurement right now and what do we need to do collectively as a group to overcome this hurdle?

A:    Change and Data-

Change: We have big dreams and this is a big system which means the effort required to socialize, implement, and reinforce new strategies isn’t a one time deal.  Change is an ongoing investment that pays compounding dividends as we iteratively learn and do better.

Data: Our data repository is a tremendous resource that we leverage to reduce costs on $7B+ in annual spend on goods and services every year. Imagine how powerful this data resource becomes as we evolve and embrace next generation business intelligence and cognitive analytic tools.  If we get this right we rewrite the playbook for procurement in higher education.

Q:   Name something on your bucket list.

A:    Hiking the John Muir Trail, exploring Patagonia, summiting Denali, finishing a 100 mile race…you get the picture.