University Controlled Insurance Program

October 2015 UCIP News and Updates

While no UCIP project enrollments were observed in October 2015, UC San Diego received final approvals and began preconstruction work on a new Outpatient Pavilion which would ultimately support the new Jacobs Medical Center upon completion.

The Outpatient Pavilion project will ultimately comprise of 150,000 square feet of outpatient and clinical facilities.  It will serve as a platform to improve outpatient care delivery at UCSD by housing disease-specific centers while consolidating outpatient, ancillary, professional and support services needed to treat specified conditions. The types of services that will be provided onsite include ambulatory surgery, outpatient imaging, physical and occupational therapy, rehabilitation, and pharmacy within disease-specific centers for pain, urology, musculoskeletal, breast, apheresis and stem cell treatments.

With an estimated $75 million construction contract, this project is anticipated to avoid insurance costs between $270,000 to $1,762,500 (estimate) by enrolling into the University Controlled Insurance Program (UCIP).