University Controlled Insurance Program

July 2014 UCIP News and Updates

UCI has another new $40mil project for UCIP scheduled to start construction later this year – UNEX Classroom Building. Design development begins in November, with construction slated for late December. This brings the 4th quarter total to $348mil in new projects for UCIP, with potential savings of $3.8mil.

The 4th quarter will also see the close of a number of UCIP projects throughout the campus system – UCR Glen Mor 2 and Boyce/Webber Hall; UCLA CHS South Tower Seismic Renovation, Landfair-Glenrock Apartments and Wasserman Tenant Improvements; UCD Tercero Student Housing; UCSF Mission Bay Block 25A Office Building; and UCI Business Unit 2. This culmination of contracts in the 4th quarter brings potential savings on these projects of $4.3mil – a great way to bring 2014 to a close!