University Controlled Insurance Program

April 2014 UCIP News and Updates

UC Irvine is adding their second project into the UCIP program, Mesa Court Expansion. When completed in August 2016 this 3 tower project will help the University’s goals of housing freshmen near the campus academic core. Two of the towers will be constructed over the dining facility, with the third tower on top of the community spaces, and connected on the second level to the other towers. The $90,000,000 project includes construction of a new 260 room residence hall that includes 780 beds and study rooms, computer labs, kitchenettes and laundry facilities. The project will also include the MAC Recreation Center. The project will begin Phase I June 2014.

The UCIP provides a higher level of protection for the University of California and their contractors. In addition, the project will also enjoy a forecasted savings from $900,000 – $2,250,000.