University Controlled Insurance Program

UCIP News and Updates - August 2013

New Project Enrolled in UCIP: UCSB – Davidson Library Addition and Renewal

The University of California, Santa Barbara has just enrolled their Davidson Library Addition and Renewal project in the current edition of the University Controlled Insurance Program (UCIP), a program providing General Liability, Excess Liability and Workers Compensation coverage for many of the University of California’s construction projects. The project is the first to be added by the campus into the current program and we are happy to welcome them to the UCIP!

The Davidson Library Addition and Renewal will update and expand upon the existing campus library. The renewed facility will provide student performance and exhibition space, instruction and group study areas, seminar and reading rooms, special collections, along with staff offices and workspaces.

The University Controlled Insurance Program is expected to bring significant savings to the final project cost, forecasted between $500K and $1.6M based on initial project estimates, in addition to superior protection.