P200: Strategic Procurement

Sponsor's Corner

The launch of our pilot COE training program this week sees the unification of our P200 efforts to date. Our foundational work implementing Spend Analytics and Supplier Registration and Sourcing provides a solid base from which we will pursue strategic initiatives in a coordinated manner, leveraging the power of our collective spend.

The Strategic Sourcing Operating Model Design Team has developed an initial set of commercial terms and procurement best practices that will shape the strategies developed and implemented by the category COEs for the opportunities identified in our pilot categories – Life Sciences and MRO/Facilities.

The COEs will also road test our Performance Management definitions and frameworks designed to build a high performing reporting and decision support function for our procurement organization.  The COE’s goal is to ensure these definitions and frameworks are robust and sustainable.

Of course organizational structures and operational models will only produce optimal results through the presence of superior leadership.  Accordingly, I am pleased to announce the appointment of Justin Sullivan as Director of Strategic Sourcing. Many of you already know Justin for the tremendous work he’s done managing the sourcing pipeline, and as Manager of the P200 Sourcing and Commodity Management Project. Justin joins UCOP after serving as Director Strategic Sourcing at UCSF / Berkeley. Prior to UC Justin served as Director of Procurement Services at Carnegie Mellon University, and also spent several years in the procurement consulting world. After achieving his M.S. in Public Management and Policy in 1996 from Carnegie Mellon, Justin had a three year stint as a Policy Analyst in the Executive Office of the President of the United States, Office of Management and Budget.

As we continue our journey toward “being acknowledged as a high performing strategic partner that is essential to the financial health of the University,” I encourage you to reflect on our collective successes to date and identify ways you may personally contribute to the full attainment of our new Procurement Vision.

I look forward to joining you at our system wide Procurement Town Hall on September 16 at 2:30pm.  EVP Peter Taylor will share his insights on P200 and its importance to the University, and we will set the course for the coming year.