Performance Management

The performance management team made great strides over the past month developing a framework for standard performance management and metrics across UC.  The PLC approved our three priority performance metrics, Addressable Spend, Total UC Benefit (Savings), and Procurement ROI, which will be implemented Fall 2013 for system wide, quarterly reporting.

UC’s future performance management framework includes metrics across four key areas:

–          Financial – Measures of the financial impact of the procurement organization to the UC System

–          Procurement Operations – Measures of the efficiency of procurement operation

–          Organization – Measures of the procurement organization’s resources and workload

–          Stakeholders – Measures of procurement’s impact on internal and external stakeholders

Nine additional metrics will provide a balanced view into the four key measurement areas.  These metrics, as well as an implementation gap assessment and recommendations will be presented for the PLC’s approval within the next month.