P200: Strategic Procurement

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing: What is an Opportunity Assessment Anyway?

As P200 moves into its next phase, the spotlight will shift from the implementation and adoption of technology to the results we produce as a team to deliver the goods and services needed by our campuses to enable and sustain the UC’s mission of teaching, research and public service.

Over the past several weeks, we have been working to conduct an opportunity assessment to develop a plan that will guide us as we work to achieve our objectives.  The assessment effort uses data from Spend Analytics and current contracts, along with the ideas and intellect of our team to develop a working plan that identifies and prioritizes the opportunities that will make meaningful contributions to our goals.

Specifically, this opportunity assessment includes:

  • Evaluating our current portfolio of system-wide agreements to understand opportunities to enhance competition, improve our contracting strategy, and invest in supplier relationships to add value and improve services to our campuses
  • Analyzing how our campuses spend to find opportunities for new contracts or to expand the coverage and adoption of existing contracts to include more of what we buy
  • Interviewing Procurement staff at the Office of the President and the campuses to understand the limitations and issues with our current agreements and to collect ideas for how we can work together to improve the value delivered by our sourcing process to the University

At the end of the assessment, we will have a prioritized plan that will help us identify which opportunities we should invest in over the coming months. We will reach our goal of redirecting $200 million in spend and demonstrate the value that a transformed sourcing and procurement process drives within the UC by successfully improving our contract coverage, adoption and results.


Justin Sullivan

Director of Strategic Sourcing – UCSF/Berkeley

Follow on Twitter: @JustinDSullivan