University Controlled Insurance Program

New Project Enrolled in UCIP: UCLA – Meyer and Renee Luskin Conference and Guest Center

The University of California Los Angeles has enrolled their seventh project in the University Controlled Insurance Program (UCIP), a program providing General Liability, Excess Liability and Worker’s Compensation coverage for many of the University of California’s construction projects. Their latest addition to the program is the Meyer and Renee Luskin Conference and Guest Center. When complete, this stately project will leave UCLA with a two floor conference facility with reception, dining, lounge and meeting facilities, and also five floors of guest rooms, along with subterranean parking to accommodate 125 spaces, among other improvements.

According to Chancellor Gene Block, the generous gift from Meyer and Renee Luskin will allow UCLA to gain the needed space without burdening the students with additional tuition nor burdening California’s tax payers. The University Controlled Insurance Program will also benefit this project by bringing significant savings off the final project cost. Savings are forecasted between $1 million and $3 million based on initial project estimates. But let’s not forget – the UCIP provides innovative and superior protection to the University of California’s and a safer project site.