P200: Strategic Procurement

Living Our Values

Using Spend Analytics to leverage our collective spend

Thanks to the Spend Analytics tool, two departments (Housing, Dining, Hospitality (HDH) and Auxiliary Plant Services (A&PS)) have seen the value in combining spend, creating commodity specific pricing contracts, and reaping the financial benefits of standardization.

Historically, both departments have functioned independently, yet their MRO commodities were very similar. Procurement and Contracts (P&C) was able to demonstrate, with solid data from the Spend Analytics tool, how much both departments could save by funding a single MRO specific buyer that would strategically source many of their “like” MRO commodities. The savings received from this effort will, in turn, reimburse both departments’ funding. This is a win-win for everyone – more staff for P&C and more contracted savings for HDH & A&PS.

Without the Spend Analytics tool and the data it produced, P&C could not have sold this proposal to the departments. With this successful starting point, we hope to utilize the tool in this way across campus.

DeAnn Coombs