P200: Strategic Procurement

Surfing the Strategic Sourcing Pipeline

What includes over 200 projects, facilitates $250 million in estimated annual system-wide spend and has participation from all 10 campuses and UCOP? The answer is the strategic sourcing pipeline, a new platform for inter-campus collaboration that is fast becoming an important part of the sourcing process system-wide.

Initiated in October 2012, the original purpose of the pipeline was to gain visibility into Sourcing Director events.  Building on the curiosity and excitement around the data, the PLC expanded the pipeline process in January to:

  • Increase visibility to system-wide, multi-campus, and spend management projects
  • Increase the number of collaborative sourcing projects across multiple-campuses and system-wide
  • Encourage the development of system-wide commodity strategies that align to campus needs
  • Create a platform for practice sharing and mutual development

The pipeline process is helping us capitalize on opportunities to leverage the University’s spend and experiences to benefit the UC.  Examples include the upcoming multi-campus event for lab supplies, information sharing around critical lab safety programs, and leveraging collective experiences in areas such as pouring rights agreements, food and other areas.

Participation of each campus and the OP commodity managers drives the success of the pipeline. Pipeline team members include: Mike Morgan (Davis), Denise Garcia (Merced), Joanne Petersen (B/SF), Kate Cunningham (SC), Calli Price (SB), Ty Haubrich (LA), Todd Adams (SD), David Gee (R), Brant Yancey (I), Valerie Vergara (OP), David Houghton (OP), Eric Pollack (OP), Leslie Clark (OP), Eric Stevens (OP), Stephen Benedict (OP), and Alan Moloney (OP).

Justin Sullivan

Director of Strategic Sourcing – UCSF/Berkeley