University Controlled Insurance Program

New Project Enrolled in UCIP: UC Berkeley – Lower Sproul Redevelopment

The University of California Berkeley’s Lower Sproul Redevelopment project has been enrolled in the University Controlled Insurance Program (UCIP). This program provides General Liability, Excess Liability and Worker’s Compensation coverage for many of the University of California’s construction projects. The redesign of the Lower Sproul complex, a center of student life on campus, will revitalize the area and provide more opportunities to collaborate and share experiences. The project includes a variety of improvements to the plaza, and also impacts Eshleman Hall, The MLK Jr. Student Union, the Cesar Chavez Student Center, Anthony Hall, Career Center, and Alumnae Hall.

The University Controlled Insurance Program is estimated bring significant savings to reduce the final project cost. Savings for this one project are forecasted between $1 million and $3 million. As important is that the UCIP provides superior protection to the University of California.