P200: Strategic Procurement

Strategic Sourcing Update

Welcome to Justin Sullivan

The P200 team welcomes Justin Sullivan as lead of the Strategic Sourcing project. Justin joins P200 on a multi-location agreement from UCSF/Berkeley where he is the Strategic Sourcing Director. Justin will split his time 50/50 between UCSF/UCB and P200 UCOP.

To prepare for the project kick-off in May, the Strategic Sourcing working group which comprises campus representatives and UCOP Commodity Managers was established. The goals in developing our pipeline process are to increase the visibility into system-wide and campus sourcing activities, promote collaborations across campuses, and to develop system-wide commodity strategies that are aligned to campus needs.

The working group will next meet on March 14th to develop a category management framework to present to the PLC on March 22nd. The plan will provide a consolidated overview of category spend across UC campuses, a summary of system-wide category objectives and the current pipeline of system-wide and campus projects.


Working Group Members:

  • UCD- Mike Morgan
  • UCI- Brant Yancey
  • UCLA- Ty Haubrich
  • UCM- Denise Garcia
  • UCR- David Gee
  • UCSD- Todd Adams
  • UCSF/UCB- Joanne Petersen
  • UCSF/UCB- Justin Sullivan
  • UCSC- Kate Cunningham
  • UCSB- Calli Price
  • UCOP- Alan Moloney
  • UCOP- David Houghton
  • UCOP- Eric Pollack
  • UCOP- Eric Stevens
  • UCOP- Haggai Hisgilov
  • UCOP- Lesley Clark
  • UCOP- Stephen Benedict
  • UCOP- Valerie Vergara