P200: Strategic Procurement

P200 in action on campus

UCSD’s Procurement and Contracts office battle it out in a SRS-themed Jeopardy game

To generate excitement, entice our staff to learn more about SRS, and hear what’s to come we hosted a Jeopardy game with a catered Mexican lunch. This fun learning experience focused our crack team on the changes in how we do our work and outlined our involvement throughout 2013 and beyond.


How did we do it?

We used www.jeopardylabs.com to create our template. Our trivia questions included both lighthearted and factual subjects such as: “Around The Office” (pictures of work stations and pictures of past trophies received by Procurement and Contracts (P&C)), “Who’s Who in P&C” (little known facts about staff members), SRS (roles), Spend Analytics, RFx and Reverse Auctions (what are they and how to best use these tools).

To build the anticipation, a week before the game, banners, information sheets, and clues were posted around our department. Teams were selected, salted with our experienced testers, and promoted widely (to create friendly rivalry). It also helped that we’re a very competitive department!

On the day of the event the four teams gathered for lunch and then battled it out for the honor of competing for the coveted grab bag team prize, which included coffee mugs, chocolate, and stuffed animals.

Oh the moment of victory was sweet! And fun and learning were had by all!






Dee Coombs

Associate Director, SPOC, UCSD