P200: Strategic Procurement

P200 in action on campus

UC’s collaborative effort highlighted at SciQuest Next Level conference

At this year’s NextLevel, SciQuest’s annual user technology conference, the University of California was asked to present on the topic Collaborate to Innovate: Making a Collaborative Vision a Reality. Although presentations from individual universities are typically a part of the conference lineup, the idea of a joint presentation by a higher education system was unprecedented and extremely well received.

The presentation team consisting of Alan Moloney, Zoanne Nelson, Brian Agius, and Ted Johnson told the story of how the SciQuest/UC relationship evolved from fragmented instances of SciQuest’s Higher Markets (catalog management) solution at a few UC campuses, to a groundbreaking consortium model extending to seven schools, to the implementation of SRS system-wide. The capacity audience was particularly intrigued by how we are making our renewed collaborative structure work to achieve $200 million in savings.

Following the presentation, the UC team, led by new CPO Bill Cooper, was asked to attend a strategic planning lunch with SciQuest’s executive leadership team, including CEO Steve Wiehe, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales Jeff Martini, Vice President of Technology Chuck Irek and Vice President of Customer Operations Teresa Jamison. The discussion focused on communication strategies between UC/SciQuest as well as a review of implementation scenarios and timelines for SRS.

My personal observation is that SciQuest is beginning to recognize and interact with UC as a system, as opposed to 11 disparate entities that loosely reside under the UC umbrella. Our coordinated approach has encouraged SciQuest to begin rethinking their overall business and support model for UC, which will likely allow us to leverage technology solutions that better support our evolving desire to function as a single entity.


Ted Johnson

Senior Director, Chief Procurement Officer, PLC, UCSD