Be Smart About Safety

Shoes for Crews Update - January 2013

Shoes for Crews was fully implemented July 1, 2011 (FY12) and was mandatory for Food Service employees.  We have expanded the program to custodial staff and other occupations at high risk for slip and falls based upon WC data.  Sedgwick added a special field in the system to track whether employees were wearing the Shoes for Crews in the middle of FY12.

The analysis only looked at Food Service occupations from FY2009 to YTD FY13 (December 31).  Each year was valued at the end of each fiscal year.  The team reviewed each claim description to ensure accurate coding and made adjustments as needed.  In most cases, trip/fall claims were coded as slip/fall.

The average losses for the 3 years prior to implementation were 74 claims per year with an average loss of $198,000 per year (12 months development). The average losses for FY 12-13 is 42 claims and $118,000.  This results in an average reduction of 57% in claims and 60% in cost.  As the program progressed to be implemented and campuses enforced the requirement, we continued to see a reduction in claims.

When evaluating FY13 for the first six months on its own, we have only 11 claims and $12,000 in losses.  Extrapolated for a full year, this results in 22 claims and $24,000 in losses.  When comparing the average three years prior to the implementation of the program results in a 70% reduction in claims and 88% reduction in cost.

No matter how we evaluate the results, we are experience a dramatic reduction in slip/falls since implementation of the program.