P200: Strategic Procurement

Who is the P200 Project Team?

The P200 project team is comprised of Procurement staff from both UCOP and all ten campuses. The project team includes these groups who provide guidance and governance to our P200 work:

Procurement Leadership Council (PLC): Procurement leadership from each campus and UCOP who provide overall strategic vision, decision-making and project endorsement

Single Point of Contacts (SPOC): Campus resource who is the first point of contact and campus champion for all P200 projects. Please reach out to your campus contact with P200 questions.

Campus Primary Representatives (CPR): Campus data subject matter experts who communicate campus needs and requirements and participate in testing activities

The P200 program is supported by a core team here at UCOP. Additional information about the Spend Analytics and Supplier Registration and Sourcing projects can be found below:

  • Program Management Team
    • Program Director: Zoanne Nelson
    • Interim Change Readiness Lead: Darya Light
    • Change Readiness Analyst: Terri Long
  • Spend Analytics Team
    • Project Manager: Erin Riley
    • Analyst: Pat Chan
  • Supplier Registration and Sourcing
    • Project Manager: Ola Popoola