UC Student Health Insurance Plan

UC SHIP: October is National Depression Awareness Month

Whether experiencing sadness over a romantic breakup, anxiety about school performance, clinical depression or other serious mental illness, UC SHIP (Student Health Insurance Plan) members have access to help. And mental health professionals agree that seeking help promptly is important.

Many students confront times when some extra support could help them work through a temporary depression or anxiety; others need ongoing treatment to stay healthy and succeed at the University. UC SHIP’s chief objective is to help students stay physically and mentally healthy so they can achieve their educational goals. Here is a rundown of the abundant resources available to UC SHIP students:


Right on Campus: Each of the 11 UC campuses (including UC Hastings College of the Law) has Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) available to all students, whether they are UC SHIP members or not. Students need only to contact the counseling office on campus or drop by during office hours and make an appointment. Most campuses provide a drop-in service or same-day appointments as well.

On most campuses, UC SHIP student members are covered at a 100% or with a small copayment for the first several visits with a campus therapist; additional visits on or off campus are covered with a $15 copayment. Psychiatrists are available to conduct evaluations and prescribe medically necessary therapeutic drugs. Most campuses have a pharmacy located at the student health center for the convenience of students.

When longer term therapy is needed, the student health clinician provides referrals to off-campus network practitioners covered under UC SHIP with a copayment of $15 per visit. Search www.anthem.com/ca for a therapist or psychiatrist who specializes in your area of concern, such as eating disorders, depression, grief counseling, or other areas of specialization.


UC SHIP’s mental health benefits comply with the California Mental Health Parity Law that requires mental health conditions be covered as any other medical illness for both inpatient and outpatient treatment. Thus, there are no visit limits or benefit maximums limiting mental health care specifically; the maximum lifetime limit of $400,000 for all medical benefits applies.


Inpatient treatment for mental or medical conditions is covered at 90% of Anthem’s network rates after the annual deductible of $200. Staying within Anthem’s provider network keeps students’ out-of-pocket expense as low as possible.

24/7 HELP

Each campus counseling center has an after-hours number to call for urgent assistance; check campus Counseling and Psychiatric Services websites for the numbers to call.

In addition, UC SHIP provides NurseLine to all members, 24/7, so students can call for a nurse’s advice when student health and counseling centers are closed: (877) 351-3457.


UC SHIP covers emergency and urgent care services worldwide without the need for a student health referral. In an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Please visit www.ucop.edu/ucship to explore all the benefits and resources UC SHIP has to offer, and find contact information for counseling and psychiatric services for each campus, and much more.