UC Student Health Insurance Plan

UC SHIP: Free Check-ups and Preventive Immunizations on Campus

The 2012/13 academic year is getting off to a strong start with over 138,000 students enrolled in the University-sponsored student health insurance plan, UC SHIP (Student Health Insurance Plan), a 2% increase over last fall’s enrollment. Launched as a Working Smarter program in 2010, UC SHIP provides a comprehensive benefits package for registered students on all 10 campuses, plus UC Hastings College of the Law.

As a self-funded student health care plan, UC SHIP is not subject to the Affordable Care Act , but UC SHIP voluntarily aligns its benefits with the spirit of health care reform so students have a world-class benefit plan available as long as they are at UC.

One important feature of health care reform is free preventive care. No cost preventive exams were added to UC SHIP’s medical plan in 2011/12, and additional free services were added for 2012/13 in response to the Affordable Care Act.

Accessing FREE preventive care at UC could not be easier—it’s right on campus. Students can visit their student health center where clinicians, nurses, and insurance staff are eager to assist them. Simply drop by or call for an appointment, or make an appointment online (where available).

Here are the highlights students need to know:

The following preventive services are available with no copayment to students enrolled in UC SHIP:

• Annual routine physical exam
• Cervical cancer screening, including HPV; mammograms; prostate cancer screening
• Laboratory and x-ray services associated with the physical exam
• Immunizations, including for Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
• Tuberculosis screening

The mission of University-mandated health insurance is to protect students so they can stay the course with their educational goals. Preventive care is designed to help keep students healthy, detect and treat disease early on, and to cure or contain any new or chronic conditions. UC SHIP was created to support this important mission of the University.

The convenience can’t be beat, and the price is right for students enrolled in UC SHIP to get an annual exam and preventive services that keep them on the road to a healthy student life.

Go to www.ucop.edu/ucship to learn more!