P200: Strategic Procurement

Spend Analytics Update

Go-Live January 7, 2013


Spend Analytics is a web-based application from a company called Spend Radar (who was recently acquired by SciQuest) that captures system-wide spend data from campus financial systems of record. It will provide Procurement Services (campus and UCOP) with a common system-wide view of the UC procurement environment.

We are implementing the solution to give us meaningful data that includes how much we spend, with whom, by whom, and on what. This information will help us determine where to focus our sourcing efforts in order to create the best value for UC.

Where we are today

Our focus for our January 7, 2013 go-live is to answer the following four questions:

    • What are we buying? Commodity, item, good, service, etc.
    • Who is buying? Campus, Department
    • How are we buying? Purchase Order, P-Card, Non PO, etc.
    • Who are we buying from? Supplier

We are currently in the testing phase of developing the Spend Analytics tool for our environment. During the past several weeks, the team has:

  • Completed Round 1 Testing
  • Begun work on normalization and classification of the two year spend data files into Spend Radar

Spend Analytics Timeline



Completion Date

Mapping and Data Logic Finalized, 2 Year Data Loaded


Normalization and Classification of 2 Year Data


Round 2 Testing


Training and Go-Live



For more information, click here for the Town Hall Webinar delivered September 18th, 2012.


Erin Riley

Analytics & Reporting Manager, Procurement Services