UC Student Health Insurance Plan

Students Love UC SHIP {Student Health Insurance Plan}

A sample of positive feedback from UC Berkeley students about UC SHIP after its first year as a systemwide health care plan for all registered UC students:

  •  “The prices are amazing. Deductibles are low”
  • “The prescription coverage is good and prices are low.”
  •  “Was able to get vaccines that could not afford before.”
  •  “Very efficient to have most services in one place on campus –don’t have to go to a lot of different places and talk to a lot of different people”.

(Student quotes from UC Berkeley’s spring focus group conducted by University Health Services Communications Department.  Focus groups included undergraduate and graduate students.)

As UC SHIP embarks on its second year as a systemwide program for all registered UC students, it is worthwhile to consider some of the student feedback that’s come our way.  UC Berkeley conducted student focus groups in April to learn about students’ experience with UC SHIP, what they like and what is on their wish list for the coming years.  Here are some highlights:


Low or no cost out of pocket at time of service

  •  No cost preventive exams and services
  • No cost in AY2012/13, for FDA-approved, generic contraceptive prescription drugs and  devises; brand name contraceptive drugs with no generic equivalent are available at no cost as well
  • No cost in AY2012/13, for tuberculosis screening at a student health center when part of a preventive exam
  • No cost for many vaccines available at student health
  • Low annual deductible applies only to certain off-campus services
  • $5 copayment for generic prescription drugs

Students LOVE the convenience of UC SHIP

No-hassle, automatic enrollment

Because health insurance is a non-academic condition of enrollment at UC, automatic enrollment in UC SHIP is provided to help students meet this requirement:  there are no forms to complete, period.  Premium is billed through the student’s account on campus along with registration fees, so there are no extra steps for students to take.

Easy access to health care

 Right on campus: the heart of UC SHIP is the campus student health center, for preventive services, primary health care, prescription drugs, counseling, and a host of other services.  Doctors, nurse practitioners, and other clinicians and professionals have a wealth of experience in student health care.  They are ready to guide students through their health care needs, on and off campus. 

Off-campus medical and behavioral health care, too

What if a student needs specialist care or surgery?  The campus student health services is prepared to assist students, issue a referral so that care off-campus will be covered under the UC SHIP’s Anthem Blue Cross benefits, and help students find network providers to keep their health care costs as low as possible.

UC SHIP: total health care

Excellent dental and vision care benefits are also provided, so everything is covered under one, comprehensive plan.  Some campuses even have dental and/or vision clinics located conveniently right on campus.


Students expressed a wish for more information about insurance terminology and health insurance after graduation.

At UC SHIP’s website home page, www.ucop.edu/ucship , we’ve posted the following information to meet this need and there is more to come:

  •  FAQs about UC SHIP and how it works with campus student health centers;
  • A link to brochures, specific to each campus, with additional information about benefits and how to use the plan;
  • Links to the member portals for Anthem Blue Cross (medical and vision coverage) and Delta Dental  (dental coverage);
  • “Health Care Reform Information”, discusses how UC SHIP’s medical benefits are strongly aligned with the goals of the Affordable Care Act.
  • “Insurance After UC SHIP” contains a wealth of information about how to obtain insurance after UC SHIP coverage ends, including a section on insurance terminology and a summary of different types of insurance and how they work.
  • Coming soon: the UC SHIP office is preparing a report of health insurance through each campus alumni association available after graduation.

The UC SHIP office is gearing up for a successful third year of serving UC students’ health care needs under one convenient plan for all registered students.