UC Student Health Insurance Plan


Conceived as a Working Smarter Initiative to streamline administration and lower costs, UC SHIP is unique.  It is the largest self-funded student health plan in the US, one health plan for the eleven campuses, including UC Hastings School of Law.  UC SHIP brings eleven campuses together to leverage lower costs by the sheer number of students enrolled, 135,000 in the fall of 2011.  Leveraging market competition also made stronger benefits possible.  The result is a surprisingly strong plan, including excellent medical, behavioral health, prescription drug, dental, and vision care benefits, a total package to protect students through their college years.

Building UC SHIP to uniquely serve University of California students continues for AY 2012/13.  Key benefits will be enhanced for an even stronger benefit plan.  The following benefit enhancements will be effective for UC SHIP members for AY 2012/13:

  • No cost for FDA-approved prescription generic and single-source brand contraceptive drugs and devices to comply with the Women’s Preventive Health mandate of the Affordable Care Act
  • 100% coverage for Tuberculosis screening at campus student health; 90% for Tuberculosis testing related to disease
  • Psycho-Educational testing to diagnose learning disabilities and determine appropriate academic accommodation
  • Increased dental coverage for major services, such as crowns and bridges, to 70% of charges at a Delta Dental dentist’s office

(This is only a summary of new benefits.  Refer to the Benefit Booklet for full plan benefits.)

To learn more about UC SHIP and benefits available to students and their families, visit www.ucop.edu/ucship