UC Student Health Insurance Plan

Caring for our students

“(UC SHIP) dental insurance is such a gift to students.  Most undergrads had no insurance and could not afford treatment.  Our clinic population is now 85-90% undergrads.  There is a huge need for dental care on a college campus.”  – UCSB dental clinic staffer




UC SHIP provides affordable, high quality health care benefits designed especially to help keep students healthy and on track with their academic goals.  Here are true stories of two UCSB students that illustrate the importance of strong dental benefits as part of the comprehensive benefits of UC SHIP.

The first story is about an international student from Asia attending UCSB who had never been to a dentist in his life.  As a UC SHIP member, the student was automatically enrolled in the dental insurance plan.  He made an appointment at the convenient campus dental clinic where he received his first-ever dental check up.  A thick calculus build-up covered the student’s teeth, causing painfully inflamed gums.  Until the hygienist cleaned his teeth, he did not realize he should be able to feel each individual tooth with his tongue.  The student enthusiastically embarked on his new home-care regimen and completed all his needed dental work. With the UC SHIP program, this student was able to improve his overall dental health within a few months and avoid much higher dental costs later in life.

 Another international student reported that she had never been able to afford regular dental care; the pervasive tooth decay in her mouth was so painful she could not study.  As a UC SHIP member, she took advantage of the excellent dental benefits to help cover the cost of the major dental services she needed.  UC SHIP’s $1,000 annual maximum benefit went a long way to help cover the cost of dental services needed to stabilize her dental health.  Without the UC SHIP Delta Dental plan, she may not have sought dental care in the first place.  The student is now on track for a healthy dental life, free of the pain that could have derailed her academic success. 

 For the 2012/13 academic year, UC SHIP will enhance coverage for expensive major dental services, such as root canals and crowns.  The 70% coverage for services obtained from a Delta network dentist is stronger than many dental plans and designed to help keep dental care costs affordable for UC students.  Visit ucop.edu/ucship to learn more about everything UC SHIP is doing for UC students.