Be Smart About Safety

Waste Caddy

Communicating with other UC campuses is one of the keys to working smarter.  After being notified of a better process to move heavy trash bins, Orlando Terrazas, Safety Specialist at UCLA,  contacted the UC Irvine campus Ergonomist who set up an in person demonstration of how they use the waste caddy.  This self propelled battery operated pushing and tugging device, is used to move trash bins throughout the UC Irvine campus.  At UCLA, trash bins are pushed manually and in many cases up steady inclines which has led to pushing and pulling employee injuries.  UCLA is outfitting trashbins with receivers and locking wheels to pilot the waste caddy.

If the process proves operationally sound,  several devices will be purchased and the new automated process expanded.  It is expected that this will reduce the number of workers necessary to move trash bins and commensurately reduce the number of pushing and pulling injuries to employees.  Maximizing efficiency, increasing safety and improving the work process…working smarter.