Statewide Energy Partnership

UC San Diego delivers again - and in a big way!

The San Diego campus recently completed 38 lighting conversion projects at a cost of $1,500,000 for which the campus has received a Partnership incentive of $650,000. Thus, the net cost to UC is $850,000 but financed over 15 years the annual debt service will be $82,000. As the lighting conversion projects will reduce energy usage by 2,700,000 kWhs per year that translates to a campus cost avoidance of $210,000, far in excess of the finance cost.

The project was qualified and the technology specified by Anna Levitt, Campus Assistant Energy Manager. Anna was also responsible for maximizing the incentive through UC’s utility partner, San Diego Gas and Electric. Imagine having to coordinate 38 simultaneous lighting projects? That was apparently routine performance for quite capable Project Manager Jeff Borden.  

The execution of this project portfolio is a stellar example of UC’s ‘Working Smarter’ initiative. While it requires upfront funding and staff expertise to realize projects such as these (there are over 400 projects of various sizes underway in the UC system), the cost effectiveness of targeted energy efficiency activities is abundantly clear.

Please join me in congratulating the UC San Diego team!