Climate Solutions

Climate Solutions Status Update

Wholesale power working group formed

UC has formed a wholesale power working group to craft a long-term electricity procurement strategy in support of the University’s climate neutrality commitment. The working group’s ultimate goal is to assemble a portfolio of contracts and/or generation assets that will provide the University with electricity that is more carbon-efficient than its business as usual alternative, while keeping the University’s electricity rates comparable to those of its current suppliers. The working group currently meets every two weeks and includes representatives from the UC campuses and medical centers that are currently allowed to choose their energy service provider.

Statewide Energy Partnership extended, additional energy efficiency investment needed to meet long-term climate goals

The California Public Utilities Commission recently issued a ruling (pdf) extending the current round of energy efficiency programs – potentially including UC’s Statewide Energy Partnership – by an additional year, through 2013. This extra time would give the University an opportunity to implement additional energy and cost-savings projects. UC is relying on energy efficiency to meet its target of reducing emissions to year 2000 levels by 2014 – see UC’s 2010 Annual Sustainability Report, p.28/41(pdf). To meet its long-term goal of carbon neutrality, the University needs to continue aggressively pursuing energy efficiency opportunities and must begin planning today for future rounds of the Statewide Energy Partnership.

 UC partnering with state agencies to support renewable energy goals

 UC has signed an MOU, formally joining a working group of state agencies that will jointly evaluate opportunities for renewable energy projects on public lands. This working group exists to share best practices among the various participants and explore opportunities for collaboration.  The actions of this working group will support Governor Brown’s goal of installing 20,000 megawatts of renewable energy in state by 2020. UC’s renewable energy plans and accomplishments were featured in a recent California Energy Commission report entitled “Developing Renewable Generation on State Property(pdf).”

 Biogas Procurement/Development

The University continues to explore all options to obtain biogas as a substitute for natural gas. Upon further review, some previous options no longer appear viable and have been removed from consideration.