Regional Data Centers

Regional Data Center Migration Plans

A subsidy has been made available to each of the UC campuses to enable them to migrate 10 racks to the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) which has been identified as a cost effective regional data center.  Currently, there is no visible cost for campus computer usage since electrical and space costs are not charged to the individuals and groups that use them.  However, there is an incremental cost for campuses to use SDSC.  The subsidy temporarily removes that cost, which will incentivize campus use of SDSC.

The benefit to the University is that SDSC provides services at significantly lower rates than using current campus facilities or building/retrofitting a campus datacenter facility.  SDSC leverages economies-of-scale and inexpensive energy costs to provide an economical solution.

Campus CIO’s are taking the lead in preparing plans to move racks to SDSC, and coordinating the creation and submission of their campus plan by mid-June, 2011.  Consolidation of campus plans to migrate racks to SDSC is targeted for completion by the end of June, 2011